Dublin & Dragons

“Bright and Bloody” Ep.8 Castle of Liquid Shadows

October 4, 2019

Our heroes finally make their way into the castle to deal with what lies inside the castle. All things bright and bloody.

Welcome to Jackhaven, a city of competitive political divisions and cutting edge magic, not bad wine either.

All music provided under license from battlebards.com
Theme music: 'Riverwood' by Mikheil Rusishvili
Other music:
Bard performance 1 by Wes Otis from Platemail Games
Eyes of Glory by Akash Gandhi
Ancient Chamber – Chamber of the Starborn by Alexander Kochetkov
Urban Centre - Power of Light by Alexander Kochetkov
Dreadful Moments by Wes Otis from Platemail Games
For Blood by Wes Otis from Platemail Games

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